by ash taylor and friends

A Rhythm RPG about a strange planet.

(Disclaimer: frog not included)

- About -

CHORDIOID is a rhythm-game-slash-JRPG about an odd planet, a floating city, and three colourful youngsters who have to Save The World.

Explore Concordia and its strange magic as you uncover the world's secrets, discover the true nature of the mysterious Oracle, and maybe, just maybe, find out what the hell a chordioid actually is.

All while jamming out to some fresh tunes, of course.


Explore strange, atmospheric locations, like the Capital's outer Ring 3, with its friendly faces and dancing lights. If you're tired, sit down and take in the Tri-Rise breeze.


Meet people from all walks of life as you venture out into the world, taking on quests and discovering people's stories along your journey.


A lovingly crafted soundtrack that ranges from atmospheric, to symphonic rock, to retro RPG tunes.

- Download -

Prelude, the first part of CHORDIOID, is currently in development. Follow its progress on Twitter!

(when it comes out, it'll be pay-what-you-want)

- Questions & Answers -

Who's making this thing?

It says it right at the top, you know.

Anyway, hi, I'm Ash! I'm a musician, developer, artist, and general creative jack-of-all-trades.
I've been working on CHORDIOID for about a year now, and along the way a bunch of friends have hopped on to help out.

You can find me on Twitter @estroBiologist!

Are you really going to colour the O every time?

What are you, a cop? Mind your business.

What's a chordioid?

From Wikipedia:

A chordioid, also called chord fragment or fragmentary voicing or partial voicing, is a group of musical notes which does not qualify as a chord under a given chord theory, but still useful to name and reify for other reasons.

Why is this game plannned to be free?

Simple: I don't like paywalls of any kind, and want everyone to be able to experience this game, regardless of their ability to pay. Having said that, any money you do want to send my way to help me make this thing is incredibly appreciated!

Will the whole game be free/pay-what-you-want?

Hopefully! But because We Live In A (capitalist) Society, I do need money to live.
It all depends on how economically viable the pay-what-you-want road turns out to be, honestly!

CHORDIOID is licensed under Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International
If you want to do anything commercial related to CHORDIOID, I'd prefer if you could get in touch first! Twitter's usually the best way to do that.

(See? I can keep the O uncoloured. I don't need oh goddammit)